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Lettre de printemps 2024

Lettre de printemps 2024


Spring is here! The season of renewal, projects and promises. At Mas de la Dame, we've been looking forward to it, and we can't wait to show you the new things we've come up with for this year.

First big change: The Stele! Watch this space!

Le Rosé du Mas est devenu La Stèle Rosé…ok ?

So there are now 3 Steles, each with a different get the idea?

The Stèle Blanc 2023 arrives on April it?

This isn't the only novelty we're preparing for you at the cellar, but we won't reveal the next surprises too soon.

Let's keep it mysterious!

On the cellar side, we have renewed our foudres, you know, those big barrels!

The new ones are 30hL each (3000L). It was quite a delivery!

They will be used to age Coin Caché's old Grenache grapes, giving them the typical character of this cuvée.

In fact, the major red cuvées were blended in January.

After a year's barrel ageing, we tasted each batch, then decided on their distribution before blending each of the cuvées.

A real balancing act!

Once the barrels had been emptied to physically assemble the wine in vats, they were steam disinfected, then re-entered with the 2023 vintage.

Back for another year of breeding!

You can find out all about our cellar secrets during our Spring Thursday tours!

Every Thursday in April, May and June, we organize a guided tour of the vineyard and cellar, followed by a wine tasting and spread.

The first date is April 4. Don't forget to register!

Learn more about our growing methods and the vine cycle. 

In fact, it's not late this year, as the first leaves are appearing.

This is also the case for the new Grenache Blanc vines we planted in February.

They didn't waste any time!

We'll need to protect these new shoots, as Mathilde's sheep will soon be arriving on our land.

So, if they want to enjoy their meal somewhere other than between the rows of vines, they can graze in the well-stocked fallow land we sowed in the autumn.

Vetch, faba beans and oats...the bees have already started feasting!

To encourage this biodiversity, which is so dear to our hearts, we have partnered with the Parc des Alpilles to welcome 8 chickadee nesting boxes and 8 bat shelters.

These species will be real "auxiliaries" for us, predating butterflies whose larvae can cause serious damage to bunches of grapes.


There's no shortage of biodiversity in the cellar, either.

It's been decked out in magical decorations once again to celebrate spring.

Open your eyes and you'll find plenty of surprises and details to admire!


Spring has just begun, but summer is already in the distance.

To prepare for this, Barbara has scheduled her sixth workshop on the theme of anti-oxidants.

It smells like sunny days!


As always, we look forward to welcoming you to our cellar to help you discover our wines and olive oils, from 8.30am to 7pm on weekdays and from 9am to 7pm at weekends (and until 6pm after 29 October, the day on which daylight saving time begins). 


See you soon in our beautiful showcase,


Anne et Caroline